The Group

The Syme Family is a renowned family of realtors with a track record of excellence dating back as far as the early 1900s. Owner and CEO of Syme Group, Scott Syme, is a third-generation realtor who holds 35+ years experience in the real estate market with over a billion dollars of real estate transactions.

Along with his family, he is joined by a group of real estate professionals he has worked with for years; they encompass every part of real estate transactions, from set-up to marketing to selling, to ensure the client is taken care of from the start. The Group is here to ensure you sit back, relax, and let them take care of your real estate needs.

The Mission

Syme Group’s mission is to Create Custom-Tailoring. 

Each client has specific needs and objectives they want to attain, therefore, each transaction is viewed as an opportunity that Syme Group can create, build and carve specific plans which match various needs. The Group is not only very efficient and have amassed skill throughout the years but have acquired knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation. They have a strong hold on current market trends, knowledge to which provides confidence to make the right decisions in order to get real estate deals completed.

With Custom Tailoring, each transaction leads itself to a spontaneous adventure, where Syme Group is the guide, and the client is the excited spectator taking in the experience. It’s no wonder why the majority of clients are repeat business, ready to take the journey again and again. 

The Visual

More than a brand.

What makes Syme Group stand out is custom presentation and sophisticated marketing techniques which attract affluent clientele and high-end brokers. The relentless dedication to service ensures the Group to set the very highest standard when working with all clients, which not only includes the concept of Real Estate services but the execution of how it is seen in the marketplace. The Group prides itself on bold, clean, innovative, and professional designs that are proven not only successful but a stand-out from other competitors.

The visual elegance the Group is known for isn’t pulled out of thin air, it all stems back to the original logo that is unlike other Real Estate Agencies; it is branded and fully represents Syme Group.

Family Crest

Real Estate

Golden Gate Bridge

The Syme Group logo is comprised of three elements: The Hexagon with its 6 sides that represents the 6 members of CEO Scott Syme’s immediate family; The Building represents the Real Estate Market, both commercial and residential; The Golden Gate Bridge represents the Peninsula market.